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Tre's Project 4 Memo

Page history last edited by Tre'Lon Hunt 8 years, 10 months ago

Performance Review Memo


To:               Professor Grogan     

From:           Tre'Lon Hunt

Date:            April 23, 2015


Subject:       Self-Evaluation of my performance in ENG 3050 and my assessment of the course



This memo is an overview of my performance on the projects and short writing assignments throughout the course and if they met the learning objectives described in the syllabus of the course. I will relate specific assignments to the learning objectives that they covered most thoroughly. I will also discuss any roadblocks and complications that i came across while trying to complete any of the projects as well as describing any feelings that i had for any assignments.


Individual Performance

Overall, I believe that my performance on the individual projects were satisfactory. Starting with the first SWA, the email correspondence, I believe that i did exceptionally well on this assignment. It actually helped me determine what level of work is expected for this class. I wouldn't change anything about the way i performed on this assignment. On SWA 2, the Reading Response, I would go back and read the chapter more closely before attempting to write this assignment but i still believe i wrote an exceptional essay. My cover page and resume for project 1 made me proud of myself. I was amazed at how the guidelines helped me appeal to my readers and focus on writing to a specific audience. This was the best part of the class in my opinion. My webpage came along great on Strikingly but only lasted until 2 days before it was graded which led to me getting a zero. I will have to find time to redo it before the class is over to recieve points. In hindsight, i would have used a different website knowing it would delete. SWA 3 was the assignment that helped me reform and restructure my resume and cover letter into something that i was proud of.


Project 2 went well for me besides the formating errors from WikiHow that prevented me from publishing the page for a while. The only thing i would go back and fix is the orientation of my pictures if i can. I tried already to no avail but i am determined to try again in order to increase my grade on the project. SWA 4 helped me form the usability test for my WikiHow article. This usability test helped me determine how well my instructions were written and provided me with ideas what needed to be edited in my article. Projects 1 & 2 and the corresponding SWAs required me to use different modern ways of writing and designing technical documents. I was able to correctly format a memo after doing SWA 3 which required me to describe the changes and discuss the results of the peer review of Project 1.


Collaborative Performance

At the beginning of the group collaboration of Project 3, I honestly didn't think my team would agree on a topic. Everybody thought their idea was best fit for the project. This lasted until the last minute when, to my surprise, most of us selflessly opened our minds to our partners' idea and soon after that we agreed to do a feasibility report on renovating the SEED Wayne website. This ability to agree with each others' ideas helped us float through this project smoothly. Adapting to collaborative writing was not a rough journey for me because I am very good at revising and editing the work of others. This was a very relevant skill to have during this project. I spent much time revising everything that my teammates wrote in order to make the entire report look as if it were written by a single student.


This project completely covered all the basis for the research learning objectives of the course. We gathered a large amount of research, more than we could even use, which is a good thing. We came across this plethora of research by exploring every method of primary and secondary research that we could. Overall this project was a good experience that was relatively new to me. I believe my squad wrote a very organized and effective report.


To conclude this memo, I met the learning objectives through the specific assignments that i discussed and this course taught me much with its assignments. The ability to effectively appeal to potential employers with an effective resume following a persuasive cover letter is a powerful one in this competitive society that we live in.  I will surely embrace the knowledge i gained from this course and carry it with me through my future career.

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