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April 21

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On Deck:

  • Brief review of final revision work
  • Initiate Editing Commitments
  • Introduce and Discuss Final Memo Writing


Final Report Due Friday to the Project 3 Chest as a PDF (unless you've been given the green light to submit as a Webpage or a Word file) 





1) Teams Should Discuss and Work on any Final Revision Work:



Focus on two things, Integrating Citations and a brief CRAAP assessment of the information provided:


Currency: does the information seem timely or current?  If appropriate, is there any mention of when the information was published or posted?  Should there be? Might the information need to be revised or updated?  

Relevance: does the information relate clearly to the goals of the report, or answer a specific research question?  If appropriate, is it being presented to the intended audience directly?  Is the information at an appropriate level (i.e. not too elementary or advanced for your needs?)

Authority: does the source come from credible source or credentials or organizational affiliations? Can you tell?

Accuracy:  does the data or argument seem reliable or correct?   Does the language or tone seem unbiased and free of emotion?

Purpose: do the authors seem to have a clear purpose or reason for providing this information or data?  Do they make their intentions or purpose clear with the headings of with the text or with a figure/graphic/visual? Could this information also be used elsewhere in the report?




  1. Are you making clear evaluative statements?
  2. Do you evaluate the alternatives well in terms of the criteria?  
  3. As much as possible, do you present facts and evidence to support evaluative statements?




In one paragraph, does the Recommendation section of your final report make a brief statement of what solution or solutions you are recommending based on the preceding evaluation section?   Do you include a brief outline of the evaluation process and some mention of the positive consequences of taking the recommendation?




Does this section briefly restate the main results of the research?

Does this offer a smart discussion of the best possible solutions, or courses of action (including the ways they can come together, or the ways to combine them over time)? 


2)  Teams Should Make Editing and Proofreading Commitments:


Below you have Six points of emphasis for editing, which should alter your style, making it suitable to technical and professional communication.  These editing procedures should also improve your mechanics and grammar.  Divide these up among your team for a 'layered collaboration'. 


NOTE:  As an editing strategy, you should "track changes" on Word, or Google Docs and have them approved or rejected by members.  Then, if Joe makes 'clarity' edits, Sally and Jon must approve them while they are editing.   Plan accordingly. 



1) Focus on Clarity

2) Focus on Brevity or Concision   

3) Focus on Active Voice

4) Focus on Creating Text Flow

5) Focus on Editing the Design of Figures and Images




See Thursday April 16 for full details.


3) Individuals Should Initiate Project 4: Performance Review Memo


  • 1-2 page Draft due Thursday for feedback and revision workshop (our last exercise of the term). 
  • Final version is due Tuesday the 28th (Study Day) to the Project Four Singularity



Related Unfinished business:


Your Final REVISION and/or Edit of your Professional Webpage (worth anywhere from 2-3 percentage points) should correspond beautifully with writing project 4. 


  • This revision is Due Wednesday the 29th.  
    • By then you should have Responded to your individualized feedback. 
    • Responded to (most, but not all!) Common feedback:
      • ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING:   Name/title your ‘projects or written work’ and perhaps include a brief note about its relevance to your skill-set -- or in other words "annotate your projects" with some commentary about how these explain your abilities (note that this is a 'project 4 performance review task'.
        • Example 1 (Austin updates "Future Projects") and Example 2 (Mike updates his 'cache') or Example 3 (Stephanie updates here "latest projects")
      • DISREGARD the following comment:  "You will also be asked to include a brief question/answer box where you address common questions about you…" 




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