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Drive For Green Executive Summary

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The Office of Sustainability at Wayne State University, currently, is not at its great potential of being a complete green campus due to the insufficient funding for sustainability projects around campus. Although there is some funding for something to get done, it is not enough to get most of the projects going and striving to make Wayne State a green campus.  This issue has to get addressed because this will allow our campus to fund project ideas and promote a greener campus. There are several alternatives that could be used to get the funding needed to push these sustainability projects forward:

  • Student Fees To Green Grant
  • The Green-Revolving Fund 
  •  Hybrid Model

Each alternative was researched through primary research including surveys and an interview with the director of the Office of Sustainability of Wayne State University, and secondary research including information relevant to our ideas from other universities for comparison purposes. This feasibility study evaluates each alternative based on the three criteria below:

  • Student Desirability 
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Income

This feasibility study concludes that the Hybrid Model is the best solution to the sustainability issues on campus at the present time and will bring the greatest benefits from all the alternatives mentioned. 


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