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Drive For Green Revision : Overview of Alternatives

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on April 16, 2015 at 3:26:29 pm

-Overview of the Alternatives-


Alternative #1 – Student Fees To Green Grant

     This alternative asks for a small extra fee each semester from Wayne State Students. The extra fee generated helps fund a Green Grant.


Alternative #2 – The Green-Revolving Fund

      A general revolving fund works by funding a project and replenishing it through annual savings ('Greening the Bottom Line, 2012). The WSU Green-Revolving Fund will mimic that from the Green-revolving fund implemented by Champlain College. Like the Green-revolving fund, money generated from annual energy savings from projects is paid back to the fund until 120%. The 20% is growth to the fund.


Alternative #3 – Hybrid Model

     The hybrid model implements both alternatives. More revenue is generated which allows more green sustainable projects to be made.


What needs to be worked on:

Reader's might want more description on the third alternative.


Positive Feedback:

- We have a solid understanding of the alternatives

- All of the alternatives are strong and reasonable



Greening the Bottom Line. (2012, January 1). Retrieved April 6, 2015, from http://greenbillion.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Greening-the-Bottom-Line-2012.pdf 

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