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Drive For Green Revision : Overview of Alternatives

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-Overview of the Alternatives-


Alternative #1 – Student Fees To Green Grant

     This alternative asks for a small extra fee each semester from Wayne State Students. The extra fee generated helps fund a Green Grant.


Alternative #2 – The Green-Revolving Fund

      A general revolving fund works by funding a project and replenishing it through annual savings ('Greening the Bottom Line, 2012). The WSU Green-Revolving Fund will mimic that from the Green-revolving fund implemented by Champlain College. Like the Green-revolving fund, money generated from annual energy savings from projects is paid back to the fund until 120%. The 20% is growth to the fund.



Alternative #3 – Hybrid Model

     The hybrid model implements both models (Alternative 1 and 2).  There will be two separate balance accounts: a Green Grant and a Green-Revolving Fund.  However, they work hand in hand providing extra support to the project applicant.  Futhermore, more revenue is generated which allows more green sustainable projects to be made.


What needs to be worked on:

Reader's might want more description on the third alternative.


Positive Feedback:

- We have a solid understanding of the alternatives

- All of the alternatives are strong and reasonable



Greening the Bottom Line. (2012, January 1). Retrieved April 6, 2015, from http://greenbillion.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Greening-the-Bottom-Line-2012.pdf 

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