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Golfler Problems and Solutions Draft

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There are many problems in golf today that Golfler can solve. The greatest challenge for golf in the 21st century is the pace of play. It is the main factor that has caused 6 million people to quit playing golf  (page 3 sales material). It is one of the top complaints of new potential players of the game, who want their experience to be quicker. Currently, one of the biggest factors in slow pace of play is waiting at the turn.  People line up to get their beers and burgers, which generally get made slightly faster than people can play a hole. This means that there ends up being a long line of people who are waiting for their turn to play about halfway through the course. 51% of golfers have walked off of a course before they had finished their round, due to slow pace of play, which loses potential food, beverage, and pro shop revenue for the course.

Another problem faced by both public and private courses is the problem of capital. Golfer courses are notoriously slow adopters of new technology. Integrated GPS in carts is expensive, takes a long time, and software development also costs thousands of dollars. Golfing itself is expensive for the golfers, and most don’t want to spend extra money on a course just because it has GPS carts. They are cool, but most of the time there is a cheaper mobile solution that works just as well and also works on multiple courses.




Golfler is unique in how it makes the golfing experience better for both the course and the customer. The main concern is the pace of play on a golf course, which Golfler increases in a couple of ways. First off, Golfler provides real-time analysis of pace of play, alerting course managers about log jams on the course. Rangers can then be dispatched to clear it up. Another way that Golfler increases the pace of play is through changing the way that the cart attendants interact with the customers. Instead of having the attendants driving around in circles, hoping that someone wants to purchase something, Instead, the golfer orders using their phone, tells the attendant exactly what they want, and they can pay with their credit card. This also makes people move faster through the course, as they are not waiting at the turn for beers or burgers. This keeps the customer happy, as they can get through their round quicker, while feeling like they were better served.

As a country club manager, you want to provide the best golfing experience for your members. Golfler is in a unique position to make a round of golf more enjoyable by making their experience tailored to their needs. Instead of having to wait for the turn, or for the cart attendant to show up, Golfler allows your members to summon the cart with their phone, placing the order at the same time. Our system is even capable of using membership ID numbers that your club has on file, so that your members would not have to change the way they are billed.


Golfler solves this (low cost) by using the smartphone that you probably already own. There are no start-up fees, and no cost to the golf course. Golfler only makes money when the golf course does, and only makes it on sales that wouldn’t be made without Golfler.


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