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Team Golfler Meeting (4-9-15)

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Continue drafting the "Document Proper"

5 sections: Introduction, Problems, Solutions, Methods, Conclusion.


Have a working draft in one word document by tuesday (4-14-15)




1) The pace of play is slow for the sport of golf.

2) Most courses lose money on food and beverage.

3) They have a inconvenient food and beverage system. (Cart attendants selling like an ice cream truck)


Public (Increased Revenue)

1) GPS carts are expensive. Public courses usually don't have the resources to obtain GPS tracking golf carts. The course has no way to monitor golfer speed through their course. 

Solution: Provide real time data using GPS monitoring of the golfer through the application. This addresses the pace of play issue.

2) Most course attendants expect concessions. The problem is an issue of volume of sales (as opposed to margin), and courses often lose money on selling them. Revenue is a huge concern for public courses. 



Private (Club Member Happiness) 

1) The golf course needs to provide a certain level service to there club members.They need to keep their members happy, not exactly to make increased revenue at any costs.

Solution: This application provides an increased golfing experience for the course's members by allowing on site and on demand concessions. Richer Experience.



(Conduct Phone interviews. This way, when analyzing a problem, you can look at specific points that the golf pros have brought up in the interview. This shows that this is a real concern for that specific golf course.)

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