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  1. What do you think about the implementation of VR technology into classrooms?  
  2. Do you think that VR technology and educational video games would hinder or improve learning?
  3. Because a lot of equipment and training resources are expensive to train students for the workplace, do you think VR technology would save money? 
  4. VR technology simulates situations in the workplace. Do you think VR technology would be the best way to train students for the workplace? 
  5. Because it’s so expensive to build proto-types in the real world (cars, mobiles, new technology) do you think it’s efficient to apply virtual reality technology and design 3D prototypes?  
  6. In what domains do you think Virtual Reality technology would be most beneficial?  
  7. What do you think are the negative side effects of using VR technology?
  8. Will the implementation of VR technology into classrooms be productive?

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