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Interview Questions SEED

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Drafting Interview Questions


Hi, _____________________.  As you may know, many Wayne State students are looking into and working on the revision of many department and organization's websites to better represent their message, goals, content, and community involvement.  I am involved in a small team of Wayne State students looking into the many options available for the redesign of department and organizational websites.  To be effective and to present usable information to institutions, I would like to ask you, as an organizational leader, a few questions as to get a better picture on what an organization wishes to present to their audience.

  1. What are the some of things you value that your website presents?
    1. What about your site do you think conveys your message and content effectively?
    2. We have looked at related sites that  show...
  2. How do you currently manage your website?  
    1. You personally? Student's involved with SEED? others?
    2. How do you plan on managing your site for the future?
  3. How much priority do you place on your website to represent your organization?
  4. What's your opinion on the ability your (a) website to communicate your (an organization's) goals and to participate in the Detroit (their) community?
  5. How much input would you want in the design of your website?
  6. What kind of attention do you want from students?
  7. Are there budget concerns for updating your site?  
    1. Would you be willing to allow students to revise your site as volunteer work?
  8. Are there projects in the works that have made updating the site not feasible?
  9. If given a reasonable solution, would you take the opportunity to update your site?
  10. Have you personally experienced problems updating, using, or developing your site?
  11. What about your site do you think conveys your message and content effectively? 



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