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Research Questions (Drive For Green)

Page history last edited by Ryan Thai 9 years, 3 months ago

List of Research Questions



Funding (How to get the money?):


  • How are projects funded currently?  In other words, how do they get the money today?
    • Primary Research
      • Interview question with Larry Fedor 
        • The Office of Sustainability gets about $5 million per year for repairs and sustainability project 
            • Repairs become primary thing before working on sustainability projects 
  • What is the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) Grant / Michigan Economic Growth Corporation Grant?
  • Is DEGC Grant currently enough to fund lighting as it is stated in the Energy Management Website?  Why or why not?
    • Primary Research
      • Interview question with Larry Fedor
  • What funding ideas do other colleges have which help fund their 'green' projects?
  • What is the Billion Dollar Green Challenge?
  • Why doesn't Wayne State take part of this challenge?
    • Primary Research
      • Interview question with Larry Fedor
  • If Wayne State had to the option to create an additional fee of ____% per credit hour for the green fund, will students and people around accept it?
    • Primary Research
      • Set of survey questions for people






Committee Accountability (The structure):


  • What the current committee consists of?
    • Primary Research
      • Interview question with Larry Fedor 
  • How are they selected?
    • Primary Research
      • Interview question with Larry Fedor
  • How long is one's cycle in the committee?  That is, how long can they stay?
    • Primary Research
      • Interview question with Larry Fedor
  • What committee structures works outside of Wayne State University?

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