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March 24 minutes

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  • 2:00-2:10
    • discussion with Jared about contextual applications on research and scope
  • 2:10-2:14
    • Revising ideas from minutes on March 12
    • Jossiah: volunteered for web design benefits secondary research
  • 2:14
    • Talking about Research Plan Memo
    • Thoughts about dividing work
    • what is going into it
    • section topics 
    • Doing Step 4
  • 2:19
    • Matt will make accountability charter, self/peer evaluation.
  • 2:21-2:50
    • Tori writing Time Table for research and writing goals
    • Discussing and adding research goals to the questions.  
      • where the information and answers to questions will be found
      • what type secondary, primary
  • 2:51  Due Thursday


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