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March 12

Page history last edited by Vittoria Veltri 9 years ago

Ok so first we and revise the work that was completed from last class that tori and trey revise

We are trying to figure out how feasible it is to change the website it obviously needs to be changed.

We are taking a look at the chapter we read from the schedule


1:53 -2:13

Primary Research Strategies

  • Interview - Seed Wayne member

          -Finding out their goals and awareness of the problem 

  • Interview Functional Urban Garden Website owners
  • Interview a web designer

          - To find out how much money it could possibly cost 

  • Interview WSU students 
  • Usability Test- Come up with some questions and test two urban garden websites

          - Testing WSU navigation of the website and what they think about it

  • Questionnaire

          -  Asking WSU students what do they know about SEED Wayne with

  • Observe a SEED meeting 
  • Observation

          - observing people interacting with the website 

  • Demonstration
  • Experiment
  • Field Research
  • Taste test
  • Detroit Community Questionnaire 


   Secondary Research 

  • Library Tab for ENG 3050 using the
    • Marketing and Advertising Tab - How the website would help market SEED Wayne
    • Research Data Services Tab - 
    • Urban Studies and Urban Planning Tab - to find how urban gardening effects urban planning 
    • Research Resources Tabs- find better resources 
  • SEED Wayne Website
    • direct source of goals and missions 
  • Books on Urban Gardening
    • how successful urban gardens operate or need 
  • Books on marketing
    • how to effectively market your organization 
  • Internet articles on web design
    • what effective design does for an organization 
  • Studies on Internet Traffic
    • why people go where they  do on the web, how they use sites
  • Research into Website Narratives 





Research Questions

1. How much would it cost to have a professional do the website? (Primary/Secondary Matt interviewing friend)

2. Why isn't your website updated? What would you want in a revision? Why has the website neglected updating?etc ( Primary; Interview head of SEED organization)

3. What different types of methods would work best to create a new website? (Primary; within the group discuss best methods)

4. What are the benefits for updated your website? (Secondary; Look at the results and benefits of having an updated functional website)

5. What other universities have updated webpages? (Secondary; Compare other Universities urban gardening webpages)

6. What type of information does a successful SEED website include? (Primary/Secondary; Using information from Interview and ideas from other universities)

7. How does the design layout of a successful website affect audience perception? (Secondary; Use marketing and advertising to understand benefits)

8. How to research a successful feasibility study?(Secondary research; Class work march 26)

9. How to find suitable criteria for a website? (Secondary; Use library tabs and other resources to help find criteria)

10. Would updating the site increase participation in a organization? (Primary/Secondary; Interview)

11. How might it help the productivity of a website?(Secondary; Updated website attracts new and current students)

12. How does an updated website increase funding?(secondary; Have the website be inviting to all students in order to participate or even volunteer to help start fundraising.)



Research Plan


Team Leader- Tori 


Focus Primary:

  • Kevin
  • Matt 
  • Tre' 

Focus Secondary:

  • Matt
  • Tori
  • Tiarra
  • Jossiah  


  • Tori, Matt, and Tre' 


To keep members accountable we will be conducting weekly evaluations.  We are keeping contact through phone, email, and wiki.   To ensure properly cited sources we will use Word's references dialogue box as a guide.  Making sure members cite and record as much information as possible about where they information and when. 


Timetable is in the works.



May be underestimating how long the study will be

Could possibly turn into a proposal


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