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Team Golfler Meeting (3-12-15)

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Step Three Plan

Our plan is to break the research into to major categories: Public courses vs. affluent private clubs.


Research Questions  Demographics for public golfers vs private? How much do these golfers play? How much does each golfer spend? How much money do these courses make? What are the differences between these two categories? What are the similarity?  Can we develop two separate marketing systems for these two categories? 


Primary research: Most of our primary research has been conducted by the Golfler team. They have a a stockpile of data on golfers they obtained by conducting primary research.


*Connor pulled up an infographic on the Golfler website with many of these statistics answered* 


Secondary research: Golf course stats such as income, number of people who come through daily, how many have an established data accumulating system, size of courses. This is going to be mostly internet based, using online catalogs and website. 


Secondary Sources




How many golf courses would switch to this system, given that they have an established system in place? 

Young people vs old people usability of the app.


Ben will finalize step three and submit it to the golfer page after spring break. Connor and Amer will review and edit it.


Step Four

How do we make sure we cite everything in APA? Using the the word document APA citing. Every cited website will the uploaded onto a wiki page to keep track of sources.


Team leader will most likely be Connor for the majority of the project. He knows the most about this company and the project in general. 

Amer and Ben will take on the majority of the secondary research. 


Thursday after spring break we should have our research concluded. 


Connor will  create our graphic in excel and post it to the Team Golfler Page. 


We will continue looking at step four on the monday after spring break at 3 pm before our team meeting to finalize and peer review our writing plan. It will be a quick meeting just to remind use of steps 1 - 3 and continue on four.   


We will have steps one, two, and three in solid form before our next meeting after spring break.


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