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Switch-It-Off Team Meeting (March 10, 2015)

Page history last edited by Ryan Thai 8 years ago

Switch-It-Off Team Meeting (March 10, 2015)


Team Attendees

Ryan Thai

Owen Pierce

Michael Dunne

Erik Kaptanowski




  • Review Step 1 (1:50 pm)
    • Erik wrote the statements for this last Thursday (March 5, 2015)
    • We thought about improving State Hall before
      • Talking further with Larry Fodor (Thursday 9:00 am Mike and Doug) 
    • Voting 5:1 Feasibility vs Proposal Option
    • Add a statement saying that current work of the website is outdated (1:57 pm Ryan) 
    • Discussing with Jared (1:58 - 2:03 pm)
      • Feasibility testing and why will it work
        • Jared likes it 
        • Come up with three possible improvements
          • Split into groups of three for research 
    • Evaluations will be of good use (2:12 pm)
      • The current energy action plan is too basic and outdated (2:13 Mike)
        • The need to be improved upon with new technology and techniques
    • Our current Step 1 does in fact establish our genre.  Need to state as to why 
    • The most problematic that will be an issue to our group project will be the criteria (pg. 548) (2:24 pm)
      • The questions to current events (context) may cause problems to our ideas (2:26 pm)
        • Wayne State just recently renovated the Student Center (Cost issue) (Can we Afford it?)
        • Side effects to our ideas (Is it desirable?)
          • Any construction done in Wayne State in class buildings will move classes else where 
    • Triple bottom line concept to think about (2:36 pm)
    • Carbon footprint is the current problem for Wayne State
    • We are looking to provide three alternatives
    • We will provide examples which work from different institution in their buildings
    • Audience is the Office of Sustainability http://livinggreen.wayne.edu/index.php 
    • A bit of work needed to explain what is stated above for Step 1 (2:44 pm)
      • More revisions along the way 
      • Erik is working on this
  • Next Meeting at the UGL 1:25 pm (Third Floor) 



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