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Creating a useful communication:

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1) What task will your communication help your reader perform?

     Our task is to learn our reader's immediate goal. We do not want to overachieve SEED's goals in some ways but focus strongly on their goals now to help them make the best most user friendly website they can. We want it it have symmetry and balance but also have the eye popping factor to attract your eyes to things they want you to see and notice. Design is very important, we want to guide the readers eyes where we want them to go without actually telling them.


2) What information does your reader want?

     Our reader are the implementers. They are the ones who are going to take action and make things happen or tell the right people to make things happen. They are going to find ways to gage their website in the right direction and help achieve SEED goals. Some of the questions they ask are:

What do you want me to do?

Why do you want me to do it?

How much freedom do I have in deciding how to do this?

What's the deadline?  


3)How will your reader search for the information? 

     For this project, our readers will probably be looking for our information in two different ways. Reading for key points; that mean scanning the page for boldface headings, tables, and lists to help them find the information they want quick and easy without going though the entire website looking for what they want. The second way is 'reference reading'  this is writing to a specific group of readers, this will be more geared to the ones interested in gardening and agriculture and give them some nice articles on how they can achieve some goals and give some useful tips. 


4) How will your reader use this information? 

     Most of our website information will be in short paragraph form to help the readers not lose interest in what they are reading. We will also have short instruction sets and useful tips about gardening for anyone interested in maybe starting their own garden or just want to learn some cool new facts. Overall there will be a few different ways our readers will be able to get this information, those more interested in the field of agriculture will have some neat articles to read about how to sustain a healthy garden and learn different ways to do this. SEED as an organization would like to grow and branch out as a whole, start new partnerships, expand their knowledge throughout Wayne State. That is what this information will help students and faculty do.


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