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VR Team

Page history last edited by Benjamin Puninske 8 years, 7 months ago

Virtual Reality Team


VR Draft Feedback


VR Team Minutes


Aman, Aman


Audisho, Andrew Ankedo


Holcomb, Michael John


Shiral, Albert J


We exchanged numbers.


Al - Try contact Techtown get more info / going help with the format structure (Editor)

Andrew- Data/Analytical aspect

Aman- Researcher I

Michael - Reviser/Designer


Titles may be interchangeable at times.



Team Schedule 

Team Research Articles/ studies/ journals

3A: Memo

VR Feasibility Report Draft(superstructure)

Current Draft

Interview/ Survey Questions:

Michael- TechTown Interview

Aman- Student Survey

Andrew- Computer Science Professors Interview

Al- General Professor Interview

Research Questions:




1- Have you heard of virtual reality 3D headset? If yes have you used it?

2- What do you think about bringing this technology to universities for educational purposes?

3- What major are you, and do you think this virtual reality can be a help in your field?





1. What particular types of classes could benefit from VR Technology?

2.What type of class will benefit from Virtual Reality Technology the most?

3. How much does our target audience (specifically Wayne State alumni and professors) know about VR technology and what it is capable of?




1.)What kind of education benefits could virtual reality gaming bring? 

2.) How can video games increase the motivation for learning in individuals?

3.) What kind of features should be involved in video games to improve the learning of students? 





Name: Objectives If task not completed: Member will have to complete their work along with additional work.
Andrew Data analyst  
Researcher and editor
Michael Project Manager



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