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Tiarra's SWA5

Page history last edited by Tiarra Cody 8 years ago

My top three pitches

Wayne State Creating a Garden


I think a garden can be used as a educational device, to teach students how to garden. If they do participate they can take part of the harvest. It can also be used to receive volunteering hours, and even feed the homeless around Midtown fruits (nobody wants plain vegies lol).

Improving The Seed Wayne Website




I think this would be an opportunity to complete a well researched proposal, because I do not really know what solar roads are, this good be a learning opportunity.


   The reading about the stasis theory gives a little insight about your tone. You want to appear friendly and approachable, then you want them to tell you why their idea is the best. When you are working in a group you do not want anyone to feel inferior. Everybody's opinion or idea should be heard and acknowledge even if it is not the best out the group (you'll never know if you don't try). The book reading was basically introducing some ways to complete a group project. I think the examples were relevant and kind of gave a hint about how our group mates might feel at the end of the project.


     Looking at both of the readings I think we should use all the methods from the book. So, the first one would be the face-to-face method. We can be friendly to each other and gather everyone's thoughts. Then we would go into the divided method. We can do a piece of the main paper to save on time. Next would be the layered method because we can critically revise our teammates work. Finally it would be face-to-face to make sure we all agree on the final project.




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