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Tre's SWA 5

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The top three pitches for Project 3 that i have are: Renovating the Engineering Technology Lab at Wayne State, Advancing Urban Gardening in Detroit, and Introducing Solar Roads to Detroit. One thing i like about all of these topics is that they all seem very feasible. I am one of the students majoring in Engineering Technology, and I currently have a class in the overcrowded and neglected lab, that is also a cafeteria for staff. The condition of the machinery is very demoralizing not just to me, but to many of my classmates whom i've discussed the issue with. It is also very hazardous and unsanitary when staff enter the lab, which has metal filings flying about, just to go into the disgustingly misplaced refrigerator and get food. Fixing these and other seriously neglected problems with the lab would be very beneficial to the safety of students and staff in the building. Advancing Urban Gardening and Introducing Solar Roads would both be huge improvements to the City of Detroit. 


The readings, Stasis Theory as a Strategy for Workplace Teaming and Decision Making and Team Writing both present two different focuses on collaborative writing. The Stasis Theory article focuses on the usefulness and challenges of collaborative writing in the workplace. It also expresses the need for collaborative writing especially now that workplaces are more tech friendly. I think that a good tip that this article provides is how to manage collaborative work. The article Team Writing discusses students collaborative writing and teamwork skills. Team Writing emphasizes on how students get more work done when collaborative writing than when writing independently. I think this article can help manage a team well with the strategies on different structures on collaborating.

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