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Vittoria's  SWA5

Page history last edited by Vittoria Veltri 9 years, 3 months ago

The three pitches I find most appealing are introducing a pedestrian area to tech town, dealing with blight in Detroit with Blight Busters, and improving the Wayne State Seed website.  I find creating a pedestrian area in tech town very appealing because it relates to my civil engineering major and it would be a practical step to improve Detroit.  I would be interested in the pitch done on blight dealing with Blight Busters in particular because I have worked with Blight Busters in the past and would be very interested in any pitch that would make them more successful as an organization.  Improving the Wayne State Seed Website interests me because it would be a practical way to use some of the skills learned in this class to help make a much needed improvement for a group on Wayne States campus.


Both the articles, Stasis Theory as a Strategy for Workplace Teaming and Decision Making and Team Writing,  argue about the relevance for effective and critically aware team-writing.  The first article makes this argument by saying that that team writing is an imperative skill to have when entering in to the workforce and is often something employers look for in applicants especially with the current technology centered working environments.  The article suggests that a way to facilitate and teach team writing is to employ the use of stasis theory.  This concept would be helpful when managing a team because it emphasizes everyone on the team going through a specific set of questions about the problem and the discussion does not move on to the next question until everyone in the group is in agreement.  It is a flexible tool that can be applicable to a multitude of situations pertaining to team writing.  It can give the team a focus and help solve conflicts within the team.  A useful strategy when using stasis theory would be to write down the answers to all the questions to make a type of map for the initial plans and thoughts on the project.


The second article argues for the relevance for effective critically aware team-writing also by discussing how it is a large part of the work place today and studies have shown that students learn better and get more done when working with others than they would independently.  One of the most helpful tips from this article on how to manage a team would be to use all three types of collaboration methods to help the team run more smoothly.  Another helpful tool would be to have a well defined task schedule so that everyone in the group is aware of the timeline for the project and everyone's responsibilities. 



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