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Ryan's SWA 5

Page history last edited by Ryan Thai 9 years, 2 months ago

The Collaborated Game Plan



     The top three group assignments are: the plan for the snow removal in Detroit (specifically Wayne State parking lot 12), the proposal for high school to start at a later time schedule, and the proposal for better carbon foot-printing in Wayne State University (specifically promoting a better webpage for 'Switch It Off' campaign).  Snow removal practice in the city of Detroit has not been proficient.  This is especially seen in Wayne State parking lot 12.  There is hardly any room for vehicles to maneuver.  Cars parked horizontally taking two or more car spaces and piles of snow pushed along the side of the wall where parking spaces were once used.  Nothing much has been done since the last winter storm beginning of February 2015.  With regards to late start for high school there have been studies done where starting later for students have benefits.  Some of these benefits include: better marks in grades due to increased focus, fewer driven accidents in the early hours, and promote better health.  There are some cons to starting late; however, there are directions out in high schools which made it work.  And these can be valuable for schools in Detroit.  Finally, campaigns in promoting a better carbon foot-printing have been quite weak.  For example, the 'Switch It Off' campaign asks individuals to actively turn off electrical appliances when not in use.  Failing to turn off computers and lights in the classroom when not in use are few of the items which squanders energy usage.  This may seem simple and obvious; however, it is often missed.  The 'Switch It Off' campaign has a webpage which fails to impress the audience.  There is a Facebook group page, but so far it only obtained 52 likes.  Improving the webpage and/or the Facebook page can help bring the message to students and staffs far better than it is now.

     There are some few points in both articles, "Team Writing: A Guide to Working In Groups" and "Stasis Theory as A Strategy for Workplace Teaming and Decision Making", which I agree upon.  Working one on one with a teammate maybe required.  I have led a collaborated project before where few members in my team had no clue how to make a video using a specific program to their liking.  Sacrificing days where I do not have classes, I set up meetings one on one with each member.  This proved to be very valuable.  If I had not done this, we could not create a presentation on time and with quality.  Also, the connection and attitude I had with each member has been great.  We had our work divided, but I try to find time face to face with each member on issues they encounter to get the job done.  Conjecture, Definition, Quality, and Policy like questions have been discussed constantly where I work.  There are issues that needed to be fixed and there were members that do not understand the whole picture.  Members may have never heard or encountered issues before.  Explaining the whole picture to them can help guide members on the correct path to fixing the issue without wavering out of course.   

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