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Eriks SWA 5

Page history last edited by Erik Kaptanowsky 8 years, 7 months ago

     My top three choices for project 3 are the golfer app, the snow removal in the city of Detroit, and Detroit's' childhood illiteracy rate. I am interested in the golfer app because I do quite a bit of golfing and frequently get hungry while doing so and wonder if there is a more efficient way of getting food other than the golf carts driving around the course on a certain route with a small variety of food options or having to just get food at the turn of the round or after the round of golf is over. i am interested in the snow removal because I am often curious in how it is decided to what is plowed and how the priority is given. Also, I wonder if there are more effective and less costly ways to remove the snow while also not making the streets too narrow for two cars to drive through at the same time. I am interested in Detroit's illiteracy rate because I find it to be depressing on how many children are supposed to be going to schools to get a proper education to enable themselves to grow up and have quality job opportunities and can't even read properly. 

     The articles provide why it is necessary for effective and critically aware team writing in that they explain the upside of proper team writing as well as what can go wrong if it is not done correctly. They point out that not just one form of team writing and gathering is the necessarily the best, that a mixture of all three is often times the best plan. Also, it provides insight on how many tines the team writing is divided up and left to the last minute making the group unable to collaborate about the project as a whole and put it all together effectively. 

     There are several strategies that I think would help manage a team. The first is to appoint a team leader that can everything is run through to ensure no one is left out and to have someone that everyone else will listen to. Another strategy is to plan out a schedule of what everyone should do themselves, and then as part of a group to put it all together. Since there isn't just one group strategy that works the best, try doing all three to increase the quality of the project by having more people work on each thing. Another strategy is to have deadlines on different parts of the project before the project is actually due, that way there is less last minute work being done and everyone has the chance to critique every part.



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