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Page history last edited by Erik Kaptanowsky 9 years, 2 months ago

One problem to be fixed is the Engineering building at Wayne state looks run down in parts other than the main gathering points. This can be helped by doing a remodel in those sections of the building that are in poor condition. The engineering building has a very nice looking middle section, but the outer part of the building looks old with elevators that look worn down. Many parts of the building also just look outdated and in need of revamping. This problem does not seem too serious as of now in terms of physical harm to anyone, but any potential students taking a tour of the facility may be turned off by parts of the building and may want to attend WSU because of it. The main purpose of this is because I want the school I attend to be appealing and welcoming to all and I feel as though this inhibits that. The staff members running the university should be in charge of improving these problems by having the building looked at and upgraded. The students also need to take part in at least a survey of what they think needs to be improved the most since they are the ones using the facility most. This should be submitted as a formal request in order to be taken seriously.


Another problem is getting rid of abandoned buildings that are falling apart in Detroit and in neighboring cities. This problem was caused by the financial woes of the city and its people forcing people and companies to close down or move away leaving the buildings empty. The empty buildings just give a poor representation and image of the city making it look decrepit. This presents the city as an unattractive place for people to come thus causing the city to lose more and more potential money coming in which makes the city look even worse. This is a very serious problem for property owners of the city and surrounding cities because it causes property values to decrease and the city to be less desirable to be a part of. The state and city heads should be involved in solving this problem because they are in charge of turning the city around and bringing the city back to what it once was. To solve this, people also need to be interested in using the property to rebuild and turn the land into something worthwhile.


A third problem in need of fixing is the lack of exercise as well as poor eating habits for children in the U.S.  This is caused by the number of alternative things to do constantly increasing while activity options decreasing. As well as it being easier for parents to use electronics to entertain their children rather than having to keep a close eye on them while outside. To fix this, there could be more in school activities created as well as more incentives made for children to take part in these activities. Many schools are restricting what kids are allowed to do during recess to ensure safety, however the increase in restrictions are causing recess to consist of less running around. Solving this problem would also contribute in lowering the number of overweight children and unhealthy habits. This is a very serious problem because it causes more heart disease when the kids get older. This will affect the entire nation because more health problems raises the health costs, and the less exercise can cause more laziness which could result in less desire to improve themselves as they get older in things like school and work. The government, teachers, parents should all take part in trying to change this pattern to help make sure of a better future.


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