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99 Problems Page

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"Technical Report Exigencies"


For your pitch:

  1. Briefly tell us your top 5 (or so) ideas (and list them on this page)
  2. Walk us through the best one (or two), telling us why you think it would be viable and interesting to further plan out as a technical writing project
  3. Be prepared to answer stasis questions about one other idea (which may be a good or bad idea) 


Aman A. , Andrew A. , Benjamin R., Micheal H, and Albert S And Amer S

Wayne State: 
Improving the Database 
Vandalism in parking structures 
Feasibility for developing business associated with TechTown 
3.Technological Exigency 
Have classrooms use oculus rift technology to further the learning experience 

4.) Golfler App: Provides food delivery and analytics for golf courses



Mariela, Owen, Ryan, Erik, Mike, and Doug

1. Snow removal in the city of Detroit.

2. Wayne State carbon footprint

3. Urban farming.

4. Detroit's childhood illiteracy.

5. High school start times.


BASIC PITCHES  Matt, Tori, Kevin, Tre', Tiarra

SEED:  Wayne State's Urban/Community Garden initiative

Report (all genres possibly welcome) on new designs for, or re-engineered, experimental gardens on campus, including:

  • the feasibility of plant based cooling systems
  • proposals for higher yield designs (including supply chain or distribution systems) for community gardens
  • feasibility studies and/or proposals for integrating community gardens into sustainable food systems
  • empirical studies on, feasibility studies on, or proposals for building water reclamation and remediation systems
  • ...

Inventev:  works currently on means of 'electrifying a job site' with a mobil power unit

  • Research Questions:
    • what are the competing ideas for bringing affordable and 'greener' power to a job site?
    • what 'temporary' power solutions might be redesigned as more 'permanent' contributions to the power grid in Detroit? 
    • what is the feasibility of bringing one or several new green technologies to Inventev's mission?
    • what is the feasibility of extending Inventev's technologies to other goals? 


3D co-lab:   provides 3D-Immersive Computer simulations to businesses and organizations

  • Research Questions:
    • Is there a 3D lab training or design scenario that would fill a need in your program or organization? (proposal)
    • What would be the expense and would it be worth the time and money? (feasibility)


ManulithFrom prototyping to batch production, "provides 3D printing services ensure you get the quality parts you want."

  • Research Questions:
    • Should a department or particular course (technical writing?) at Wayne spring for 3D printers? Or should they partner with Manulith?


Scarlett Communications:   "Mission: To provide individuals and organizations with etiquette and protocol preparation and life skills that will engage, enlighten and empower. Vision: To be the premier communications company communities hire when looking to advance themselves and their organizations with foundational etiquette and protocol awareness and competence."

  • Research Questions:
    • Should Wayne State's English Department partner with this organization to extend and enhance our 3050 project one?  What would be the likely cost (if any)?  What would be the pedagogical upshots for students?  What curricular reforms would be required?


Ben C and group:
-2.Expanding Academic Success Center -Online Component, Chat Room-
-Quantum Computing
-1.Blight in Detroit -BlightBusters-
-3.Transportation -Wayne State App Adding Bus and People Mover Stuff-
-Expanding Course Options at off campus centers

Team Page


6 Stooges: See our complete ideas page!



Team America:  Check out more of our ideas 

     Carpool App for Campuses

     Campus Security Idea

     Abandoned House Project w. Homeless

     Campus Tunnel System

     Making Email More Secure


Team JSA


Access to Professional Programs

  • MatLAB, AutoCAD, and various other programs.
  • Feasibility/Proposal of opening a computer room in the undergraduate library(open 24 hours).
  • Computers will have these professional programs installed.
  • Benefits: Improves grades, retention, availability 
  • Audience: College of Engineering. 


Access to Internet

  • 60% of the world population are not connect to the internet.
  • Feasibility/Empirical Report of bring internet to rural areas in the world.
  • Report for organizations that support ideas for open-source, or against commercialized internet. 
  • Benefits: Education, Social Networking, Development, Economic Growth



  • 50 years old dams, roads, and bridges in need of repair
  • Feasibility/Proposal of fixing dams, road, and bridges.
  • Benefits: Safer road, dams, and bridges that could save lives. 
  • Audience: Government officials.

Noura, Sofiyah, Kevin: 

  1. Social Skills and Technology
  2. Detriots' School Systems
  3. Detroits Abandoned School Buildings
  4. Restroom Issue
  5. Ticket Fee
  6. Counseling Department.



Megan, JJ, Yasmin

Megan and JJ's 99 problem page  


Vincent, Julian, Sam, Jason, Stephanie, Stanley:

  1. Police Response Time
  2. Detroit's Terrible Roads
  3. Study Queue
  4. Counseling Department
  5. Tuition Increases
  6. Healthcare 


(link to our page


Marcus, Terrence, Kenise, John

  1. Issues with WSU-Secure
  2. WSU Food supplier(Aramark)
  3. Books for DPS 
  4. Air pollution in Detroit 
  5. The lost of arable land(irrigation)  


Anthony, Ashley, Chealyn, Jesse 

     1. Campus food

     2. Plowing

     3. Tuition

     4. Traffic lights and street lights

     5. Renewable energy



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