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Project Two Sarcophagus

Page history last edited by Andrew Audisho 9 years, 2 months ago

Post links below to your (2A) wikihow page, (2B) user test documents (script and photo or scan of data collection), and (2C) Memo:


i.e. Jared's project two documents are easily found here


Michael Holcomb's Project Two

Erik's project 2

Tre's Project 2

(2A), (2B: Script, My Data was collected on the same wiki page that I created my Memo from, i didn't realize I was going to need the original until viewing this), (2C)

Al's Project 2 

Vittoria's Project 2

Ryan's Project 2 (Everything is uploaded here and in the WikiHow Site)

10 pm Friday, testing, testing, 1,2,3 (the wiki's back!!)

Tiarra's Project 2

Conor's Project 2

Calvin's Project 2: project-2

Owen Pierce's Project 2

Benjamin Project Two

Michael Dunne's Project 2

Steve Project 2

Kevin's Project 2

Matt Kable's Project 2

Mariela's Complete Project 2

Josiah's Project 2

Amer's Project2

Doug's Project 2

Andrew's Project 2

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