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Feb 19

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  • Take five minutes to talk with your partner(s) about (1) who is delivering tests first and (2) any other commitments they have to user testing, or being user tested upon
  • For groups working with more than a simple pairing, or a longer test, ensure that simple pairings take priority, since they should be finished in 30 -40 minutes.   
  • Start Tests in a suitable location 



Facilitation style: 

  • You are an observer most of all.   Watch the user do what comes naturally. Don't help.
  • Much of the time you'll just be prompting them with questions, then encouraging them/reminding the user to think aloud about what they're doing and thinking.  
  • In almost all cases, don't answer their questions (until after the test). 
  • Use everyday language, not in-house jargon, unless you are testing someone familiar with technical jargon.
  • Repeat: don't help!   Keep encouraging the user to think aloud.
  • Stick to your Script and Write everything down. If a task is part of the test, note the time it takes each user.
  • Notice the user's behavior, and note every occasion the user:
    • hesitates, worries, or is forced to think
    • misunderstands something
    • gets frustrated or annoyed
    • gives up.



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