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eriks usability test

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Usability Test Script


Hi, ___________.


My name is ___________, and I’m going to be walking you through this instruction location test session today.

Before we begin, I’m going to review our goals briefly.  I’m asking people to try using the wiki how I created to build a hockey night out of PVC pipe. The session should take about twenty minutes.

The first thing I want to make clear right away is that we’re testing the site, not you. You can’t do anything wrong here.

As you use the instructions, I’m going to ask you as much as possible to try to think out loud: to say what you’re looking at, what you’re trying to do, and what you’re thinking. This will be a big help to me.

Also, please don’t worry that you’re going to hurt my feelings. I’m doing this to improve this early version of the site, so I need to hear your honest reactions.

If you have any questions as we go along, just ask them.

I may not be able to answer them right away, since I’m interested in how people do when they don’t have someone sitting next to them to help. But if you still have any questions when we’re done I’ll try to answer them then.

With your permission, I’m going to record what happens during the building process and write down my observations. The interview will only be used to help us figure out how to improve the instruction set. And it helps me, because it will provide me feedback on how to improve the instructions.

The test will also include a series of specific tasks and follow up questions.

Sign here: _________________


Initial Questions about User

     1.       Have you previously done any projects related to the construction of an object with PVC pipe?

     2.       On a scale on 1-5 how able are you with hands on projects?

     3.       Are you familiar with how hockey nets are made?

     4.       Are you familiar with wiki-how?

     5.       On a scale from 1-5 how likely would it be to build a hockey net without any instructions?


Initial Site Navigation

Would you first look at my instructions and point out your initial reactions to the page and what stands out. Please relay these reactions out loud so I can write them down.

     1.       Is there anything that catches your attention?

     2.     Is it easy to follow along in the instructions? 

     3.       What do parts specifically do you like or dislike?

     4.       What improvements do you think can be made to the initial view?


Specific Tasks

I will be asking you to perform a couple tasks related to my instructions. I will tell you the tasks I want done as well as provide you with a copy for you to look at.

Read the instructions and point out anything that really captures your attention.

Try finding what the finished product should look like.

Find what is needed to perform the tasks.

Describe which steps seem most difficult and explain why.

Search for how to put on the netting.



I am now going to give you some scenarios to figure out using my guide.


Scenario 1

Imagine that someone needs to know what kind of connectors they need to build a net of their own and where they would make the purchase. Find the answers for them and describe your searching pattern for these answers. Was it easy for you to find the information you were looking for? How long did it take you to find them?


Scenario 2

Someone stole the two hockey nets that are used for the cities floor hockey league for children. The board has one day to replace the nets in order for the games to not be canceled and they need help. They have someone who knows how to assemble the PVC pipes but doesn't know how much of each material is needed or how to put the netting on. Help solve these tasks for board and the kids. Which problem did you solve first, and what approach did you take to find the solution? Were either problems difficult to find the solution and did any imagery provide support?


Interview Questions

There are a couple more questions I have for you before ending this test.

Is there one part of the instructions that really needs to be changed?

Did the instructions seem to be useful?

Does the guide need to be organized in a different manner?

Would you use this again or recommend it to others?

Did you get confused at any part?

Do you have any questions?


Ending the Test

Thank you for taking part of my location test, if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask or write them down.




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