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Mariela's SWA4

Page history last edited by Mariela Sanchez 9 years, 4 months ago

1. The goals of my usability test are to improve my draft so that it can be as clear as possible to accomplish a task. This will allow me to have the best final draft that anyone will be able to use and have the vest experience using an instructional guide. I want my communication to be good enough so that there is no confusion and nothing goes wrong in the process.

2. My target audience for testing would be individuals who have experience using the oven. The oven is a key component in this recipe and one must be able to use it. I would like to test a minimum of three readers just so that I have the best and various feedback from individuals. This will help in improving my draft and have a diverse idea contribution to improve my draft. Realistically, I will be testing three individuals and from our class I would like to also have a minimum of three. From our class, however, I would like for them to also have an interest in making the recipe just because it would make them more intrigued to read the recipe and actually come to a point of performing it.

3. All the tests are important and would give me great feedback. However, I believe that a performance test would give me all the feedback from all the tests combined just because performing it involves understanding and location. I will be able to observe my testers as they perform the tasks. This observation will let me see if my test is confusing or hard to follow. After performing the task I will interview my testers, A challenge that I believe I will be facing would be having my testers do it without my help. I am going to feel eager to help if needed, but I will not be able to; that is the point of the test.


I. Scope: I am testing a recipe procedure: Cheese Flan. The test will cover all areas of the process, using equipment and following instructions.

II. Purpose: To make Cheese Flan.

III. Schedule and Location: On a weekend afternoon and maybe just one test per day since it takes a while to make and bake the recipe.

IV. Sessions: During the session, the participant will make the Cheese Flan, and will be interviewed afterwards about the instructional guide. The session will last about two hours.

V. Equipment: Oven and cooking equipment.

VI. Participants: Three participants will be tested and the recruitment will just be in the process of asking the individual if they are interested in performing the task and signing a consent form. There is nor formal process for recruitment.

VII. Scenarios: There is only two scenarios in this test. making and baking the recipe and then tasting the recipe.

VIII. Metrics: Background information: Have you used an oven before, done this recipe before? Ease and Satisfaction: How is it going for you? Is it confusing so far? After task: Was It easy to follow?

IX. Quantitative Metrics: Time on task and successful completion.

X. Roles: There will be no other staff involved during the usability testing. I will be note taking as I observe the tester.

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