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Vittoria's Project 2 Planning Guide

Page history last edited by Vittoria Veltri 8 years, 10 months ago

1. Defining Goals

     The goal of my instructions will be to instruct someone on how to make cold brew coffee.  My persuasive goal is to get someone to read and follow my instructions completely      and correctly with ease. 

2. Intended Readers Response 

  • What will these instructions help me do?
    • These instructions will help the reader accurately make cold brewed coffee, which despite what some may think, is more than just hot coffee over ice.  It will make the readers cold coffee beverage tastier than ever.
  • Is there anything special I need to know to be able to use these instructions effectively?
    • It requires a 24 hour period to complete, although action from the reader is not required for the whole 24 hours.
  • If I'm working with equipment, where are the parts I need to use?
    • The parts you need to use will be found in almost all kitchens. No expensive machines or appliances are required.
  • What materials, equipment, tools do I need?
    • A pitcher, a bowl, fine mesh strainer, standard coffee filter, water, ground coffee, milk (optional), and sweetener (optional).
  • Once I'm ready to start, what exactly do I do?
    • This will be explained in my steps 
  • Something isn't working correctly. How do I fix it?
    • Any potential complications will be addressed at the end of the article

3. Analysis of Wikihow Community

  • I am responding to a requested topic.
  • Two Comparable Wikipages:
    • http://www.wikihow.com/Perk-Coffee
      • Similarities: My page will have multiple ways to brew like this page does
      • Differences: My instruction set will not be as long
      • Good Ideas  to use: I will try to illustrate the actions needed to be performed
      • Bad Ideas to avoid: I will not go into as much detail as this page does when explaining fairly simple steps 
    • http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Instant-Coffee
      • Similarities: Mine will also have an ingredients list
      • Differences: Mine will elaborate on each step a little more than this one did
      • Good Ideas to use: Possibly use real pictures instead of drawings
      • Bad Ideas not to use:  There is no introduction for this article. 

4. Research

  • I will need to research the different ways to cold brew coffee and what materials each one requires

5.  Directions

     Method 1: Cold Brew in Pitcher 

          Step 1: Put coffee grounds in the bottom of a pitcher

          Step 2: Pour room temperature water over grounds and stir

          Step 3: Cover and Refrigerate for at least 12 hours

          Step 4: Strain Coffee Grounds and Water into bowl

          Step 5: Refrigerate until ready to serve

     Method 2: Cold Brew in French Press

          Step 1: Put coffee grounds in bottom of french press

          Step 2: Pour water in french press over grounds and stir

          Step 3: Put lid on without plunging and regrigerate for at least 12 hours

          Step 4: Push Punger down, straining grounds and pushing them to bottom of press

          Step 5: Refrigerate until ready to serve

6.Potential Graphic

  • I created this graphic by searching for images of coffee grinds on Google.  In order to make a graphic like this I could also take my own pictures.


Image found at:



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