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Kevin's Project 2 Planning Guide

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How to make Taco Dip.


Goals: As mentioned in Chapter 28 of Anderson's textbook, he clearly states which are good goals to have in mind. He is right, you won't find to many people out there who like reading instructions. So you have to organize your instruction set in a way that it grabs the reader's attention. You want simple, short sets of instructions. Visuals are always helpful, giving the reader a little break and to process information in a different way. Those would be my obvious goals. My persuasive goals will be along the same lines but a little different. As I mentioned earlier, not too many people like reading instructions. They just want to jump in there and start doing whatever it is there making. We have to persuade them to pick up the instruction manual, and when they do, make sure they read them all. Everyone gets frustrated, so simple short steps is key to keeping them involved so they are making progress in what their doing.


Six questions:

What will these instructions help me do?

They will help you successfully make taco dip the way it was intended to be made. 


Is there anything special I need to know to be able to use these instructions effectively?

No, they are very straight forward. They will guide you in a easier manner to make Taco Dip.


If I'm working with equipment, where are the parts I need to use?

When making taco dip, you will obviously need your ingredients. As well as some house hold kitchen cooking tools. Ex. Mixer, spatula, cutting board etc.


What materials, equipment, and tools do I need?

You will need all the ingredients to make the taco dip as well as kitchen supplies to make to dip.


Once I'm ready to start, what - exactly-do I do?

Get all your supplies ready, and follow a detailed instruction set.


Something isn't working correctly. How to i fix it?

If the instruction set is followed precisely, there should be no mistakes or mishaps.


Wikihow Community: I am choosing a requested topic "How to make Taco Dip". There are some similar wikihow instruction sets but they are all different types of dip. So this will be its own type. 

Bean Dip

Texas Chili Dip

The two links above are two types of similar dips. They both have familiar similarities to the taco dip I will be making. Most of the ingredients will be the same due to the Mexican nature of the food. I like for both of the dips how the instruction sets are not overly complicated and are very easy to follow. They both have good visuals to help you know what your dip should look like along the way. These are some of the things I am going to take away from from these two wikihow's.


Steps and Procedure

1) Mix 1 full package of cream cheese, sour cream and taco mix seasoning into large bowl.

2) Blend all ingredients together using mixer until there are no chunks left.

3) Place large bowl in refrigerator to let cool.

4) While dip is cooling, Shred 2 cups of marble cheese.

5) Chop 1 tomato into tiny squares.

6) Chop half a head of lettuce fine.

7) Chop 2 green onion.

8) Open 1 small can of black olives.

9) After 30 min remove dip from fridge and spread evenly onto large rectangular tray.

10) Add topping in this order: Cheese ,lettuce ,tomato, green onion, and olives all evenly on top of the taco dip.

11) Ready to serve!




The research I'll have to do won't be too extent, I'll just have to talk to my father and find out how he makes his taco dip. So I can write my instruction set.

This image above will be one of my first graphics I'll have for my instruction set. That is the cream cheese in a bowl ready to be blended to a more soupy form. 



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