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Michael Holcomb's Planning Guide

Page history last edited by Michael Holcomb 9 years ago


How to Perform the Ten Basic Okinawan Karate Moves


Definition of Goals:

Obvious Goal- To enable readers to perform all ten basic (Okinawan) Karate moves perfectly.

Persuasive Goal- To persuade readers to read all of the steps and in turn learn all ten basic karate moves.


Analysis of Intended Readers:

1. These instructions will help a reader perform all ten basic karate (Okinawan) moves.

2. This is very basic Karate, so anyone is capable of performing these moves. A reader doesn't really need to know anything special.

3. No equipment is needed, however hands and feet are used.

4. As stated previously, hands and feet are needed. A flexible attire will be helpful, however it is not required.

5. To start find a clear space to learn these ten moves. It would also be good to stretch before trying them.

6. If a reader doesn't think they are doing a move correctly, they should check their posture to see if they are in the right position or not. They should also re read the instructions and retry a move.


Wikihow Community Analysis:

2 Comparable entries- How to teach yourself the basics of karate, and How to Understand Basic Karate

Similarities to my page- images of people doing the karate moves.

Differences to my page- My instructions will be more descriptive and will include more instructions on how to actually do a move rather than just talking about a move.



Regarding research, I will not need to do much of it because I am a black belt in Karate with extensive knowledge on how to do each of pkarate moves. The only real research I will have to do is on how to spell the names of each basic move.



1. Find an open space to perform the following basic karate moves. Make sure to also wear clothing that is comfortable and flexible.

2. Basic Stance: Stand up in basic stance, which involves having your feet spread out and your hands in fists next to each side of your waist. It is important to make sure your thumb is on top of your fist at all times.

3. Ichi: Move your right (or left) fist from your waist and throw a punch straight out. When hitting the punch make sure to hit with your fist faced up and with your top two nuckles. Imagine that you are hitting another person in the stomach area.  After completing the move put your fists back at your waist. Go back to this position(Basic Stance) after every move.

4. Ni: Lift your left (or right) leg up off of the ground. Kick your leg forward as if you were hitting a person in the groin area using the palm of your foot.

5. San: Point your right (or left) fist up to the ceiling. Throw an uppercut type punch upward as if you were hitting a person in the stomach area with your first two knuckles

6. Shi: Similar to the last move point your left (or right) fist up to the ceiling. Throw an uppercut type punch upward as if you were hitting a person in between the eyes using your first two knuckles of your fist.

7. Go: Bring your right (or left) arm up and point it on it's side. Swing it across in front of you. Imagine you are striking someone in the chest area with the blade of your arm.

8. Roku: Point your left (or right) elbow up and strike upward. When striking up you would rub the blade of your elbow on a person's chest until you hit them in the throat area.

9. Shichi: Pull your right (or left) knee up while pointing your toes toward the ground. Imagine you are hitting a person in the groin area with your knee.

10. Hachi: Pick your left (or right) leg up and point it towards the right (or left). When picking your leg up remember to have your toes pointed downward. Strike your leg as if you were hitting another person in the leg area with your knee.

11. Kyu: Pick your right (or left) leg up and tilt it a little to the left (or right). Using the blade of your foot strike your foot forward as if you were hitting a person in the lower leg area.

12. Jyu: Place your left hand facing up near your chest and your open right hand facing palm forward near your waist. Throw your left hand out so that you would end up hitting a person in the chest with your palm. Following this immediately strike your right hand forward, so you would strike a person in the lower waist area.

13. Go back to basic stance (feet spread apart and fists at your sides). You have now completed the 10 basic Okinawan Karate moves. 


Potential Graphic:

For my graphics I believe I am going to take pictures of myself or another karate member doing each move. I will circle and label parts of each graphic to allow a better understanding of what to do.

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