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Tiarra's SWA 3

Page history last edited by Tiarra Cody 9 years, 4 months ago

Technical Communication

Phase 4


To             Dr. Jared Grogran

From         Tiarra Cody

Date          January 30, 2015


Subject      Results of Workshop and Peer Feedback for Project One


I have received feedback from my cover letter and resume. I will use more formal language in the cover letter. My resume should be on a table. The professional website I created need to have another page for my work.


Workshop Results

The group who edited my project suggested that my cover letter was too short and choppy. The tone of my letter was too informal. The cover letter should be more persuasive. They said I showed desire for the position. However I should do some more research on the job. They said my resume should state the position I am looking for in the objective. I should put my education and accomplishments before my work experience. There should be some relevant courses for the job on the resume. The group said I had good accomplishments. The website I created was clear and simple. It was easy to navigate. The portfolio had good design principles.


Revisions and Strategies Procedures

After reading the group's feedback I will rewrite my cover letter. I am going to add an interesting fact about the company and change the tone. I will also make sure it flows better and is more persuasive. For my resume, I will put it on a table so it flows better. I need to add relevant courses for this actuary intern position. I going to put the tutoring experience before the cashier job. For the website, I will add a page that is for my work. I will update the cover letter page.


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