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- Calvin's SWA 3

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Technical Communication

Workplace Memorandum


To              Jared Grogan

From          Calvin Holloway

Date           2/29/15 


Subject       Results of Workshop of Peer Feedback for Project One 


Workshop Results:

I've gotten much feedback on my Project One and one of my strengths are my skills that i have on the computer and also the skills that i have in education also. My weakness was my formatting and the redundancy of words that i used throughout my resume. i also chose to include some of my characteristics so that the employer can see what type of a person that i am. On my Webpage i got the feedback that it was boring and to much white space so what i chose to do is to make sure i added some pizzaz to the website to make it more pleasant for the eye and so that it catches your attention soon has you look on the site.


Strategies And Steps For Revisions:

 The revision that will be made on the resume are such the following, The formatting, The Classes, More verbs throughout the resume. The First thing that i shall start with is the formatting of my resume. The steps that i will take for changing the formatting is the alignment of my words. At first i thought that it would be cool or look nice to have the centered text throughout the whole resume but what i got in the feedback is that when you have your words aligned like that then your document does not look professional. The only thing that should be center aligned is the name, the date, the address. the second thing that i will be revising in my resume is the classes. what i mean by revising the classes is by taking out the actual number of the class because that once again looks unprofessional. The last thing that i will be looking into changing is my website making it more colorful and not so dull and taking away a lot of the white space so that it is nice to the eye.


I will start on the changes right away and my portfolio will be updated and complete as soon has possible. 


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