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Matthew Project One Feedback

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Phase 1

First Inpressions


Grammar:   sentence Fragment in first paragraph

Change my to the

You are using resume stuff in your cover letter ...... Anderson never mentions bullet points in the cover letter. Change this to prose... this is your chance to be concise but descriptive.

The second paragraph was very persuasive

You can ask for an interview, and include your contact information in the last paragraph.

You need to add more content and detail such as what the company does


Key words

proficiency at microsoft Word

Honors classes

Mangerial Positions


Very persuasive

lacks enthusiam

did not research the company

did not specifically say why you wanted to work there

but did say how you were going to contribute to the company

Said your a good teammate 


Phase Two


Key Words Resume

Not really any key words

you stated your responsibilities but not the skills you have

Take a look at the list on page 43

This is a experience resume


The outline for your resume is good

Tre said well balanced resume despite missing skills

education section

No course listed so expand the education section



So you descibed accomplishments knowledge gained and responsibilites giving at your jobs sufficiently


You need to reorganize your bullets from most impressive to least impressive

You did use strong action verbs

Good parallel construction


Phase Three 


Great organization of websites its clean

You have a dull color scheme

Your websites flows

I do not like the white color font on those two bold pictures but specifically not the blue one

Great images

The site is usable  



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