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Holloway Project 1 Feedback

Page history last edited by fp5026@wayne.edu 9 years, 4 months ago

Resume- Formatting is a pretty big issue, do not center justify anything besides the top name/address/information. One of the strengths in the resume is listing a few of the relevant courses that you've taken that pertain to your major. In the objective, there are superflous words, i.e famous, in the future. You should focus more on either skills or experience, but it seems that a skill focus would be more appropriate for you. We suggest putting your technical skills near the top instead of the bottom, as that looks to be your strongest section. Instead of using wiki use Word to format, as wiki is a very poor formatting implement. In listing relevant courses, don't list the course number, but the name and brief description. Verbs seem weak, try to use more powerful ones, refer to page 33 in the book.


Webpage - Title page on seems dull, not much in terms of grabbing my attention besides the opening animation. Lots of white space, not a lot of color. It needs a lot more development. With more work, this page could benefit you greatly in the future as a professional tool, but right now it is extremely basic with not a lot of information.  

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