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Vittoria Veltri's Project 1 Feedback

Page history last edited by Andrew Audisho 9 years, 4 months ago

Project 1 Feedback:



Cover Letter


Fix the greeting up a bit if possible to the actual person, "Dear Employer"  or the hiring committee. I like how you presented that you knew great knowledge about the company and their accomplishments. Everything in this cover letter was solid and very impressive. The only thing i would try to avoid is using the word "love" because some readers may not like that.





The resume's layout was excellent. I like how you made you resume very presentable in terms of the structure. You put education first since that seems to work in your favor over your work experience. They say an employer only looks at a resume within 30 seconds. I would say within  those 30 seconds they would be able to see everything they need to.







Your website was exactly what an employer would look for. It is very neat and easy to navigate.




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