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Tre's SWA 3

Page history last edited by Tre'Lon Hunt 9 years, 1 month ago

Technical Communication

ENG 3050


To:                   Professor Grogan

From:               Tre'Lon Hunt

Date:                January 28, 2015


Subject:            Results of Workshop and Peer Feedback for Project One


The main focus of my alterations to my resume, cover letter, and webpage will be details and structure. After reading my feedback, those seems to be the most apparent flaws in my work.


Workshop Results

In my cover letter it appears that the weakest part was my sentence structure. It was suggested that I move my third paragraph to the first because of how "impressive" it is. It was also suggested that I rework the entire flow of my cover letter in order to make it easier to read. Adding bullets to my qualifications was suggested but its not truly necessary but I understand how it would help if I had more qualifications. I also need to pay more attention to question one in the textbook. My cover letter is said to be very persuasive and expresses why the company should hire me. As far  as my grammar goes, I used to many contractions but I believe that not using contractions makes the writing sound amateur. In my resume I failed to present a list of skills that I possess or any personal qualities that I have. It's also prevalent that I need to change the focus of the resume from my volunteering experience to my work history and academic career. I need to add the relevant courses that I've taken during my academic career along with a description of the courses. My webpage simply did not contain enough information and had too much white space. 


Revision Strategies and Procedures

In order to improve my cover letter I will first restructure it as suggested. I will go into further detail on my qualifications and add bullets if necessary. I will also review all of my contractions and determine if the words truly need to be disassembled. If I feel that taking out the contractions is the best then I will. To reform my resume, I will redirect the focus of my resume to further illuminate my academic career by adding details on the relevant courses I've taken. I will then add a list of my skills and any relevant qualities that I have in order from most astonishing to least. My webpage could use much work. I made it so that it goes straight to the point instead of it going into details. If I add more content, then that will reduce the white space.


I will make these changes before submitting the project.

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