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Steve Project 1 Critique

Page history last edited by Albert Shiral 9 years, 4 months ago

First impression strengths:  


  •  Steve shows that he has researched a bit about the company.    
  • He mentions memorable courses that will aide him in physical therapy including his First Aid and CPR courses.    
  •   He appeals to emotion to get the reader's attention.  He took more of an ethos approach.  



First impression weaknesses:   


  • There are minor issues with the formatting, and it should be condensed to two paragraphs at most.  
  • If he added more specificity pertaining to his experience, he would make this cover letter more convincing.   
  • Grammatical errors.   


How can the cover letter be improved?


  1. Be more specific in describing what you could do for the company.
  2.  You did a great job listing your courses and how they helped you develop skills for the company, but you should also list some traits about yourself  and how you will work with other employees.  
  3. More active verbs.  




  • Improve the formatting a bit more, and it should be OK.  You listed all relevant information pertaining to your major.  Make sure to put it in a document.  
  • Add some more courses that you took in Wayne State, and be a bit more specific about the skills you learned within them.  





  • Everything is fine.  Just revise your resume and cover letter and adjust it on your site.  
  • Keep updating your site with eye candy and interesting illustrations for the viewer.  
  • Active use of white space and keep formatting.   

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