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Cover Letter Feedback 1

Page history last edited by Ryan Thai 9 years, 5 months ago


  • Ryan Thai
  • Owen Pierce
  • Mariela Sanchez


Task 1: Cover Letter



  • Structurally sound
    • Everything flowed neatly.  Well organized.
    • Very straight to the point 
  • Good use of specific related work experience to skill set on paragraph 3 



  • Include "Human Resources" department instead of "Internship Department".
    • Most papers go through the Human Resource department
  • A couple grammatical errors 
    • Read it aloud to oneself and errors become noticeable.   
  • Please add "Enclosure: Resume" on the bottom
    • Especially when it comes to job career interviews.  Many will want to see two or more papers at hand. 


Task 2: Resume



  • Good use of white space to spread information evenly



  • A bit confusing at first glance.    
  • Keep it to one full page
    • Gather the the work experience together and not separate them
      • One "experience" heading and all different job experiences underneath
        • Company name then underneath it the job position 
    • Readers will think it's disorganized or will think you have very few to offer if they are fast readers 
  • Put academic and professional into one category : Education
    • Put more key points underneath 
  • Don't use header format for contact information
    • This will cause unneeded space for the second page
    • Readers will already know your contact information after looking the first page 


Task 3 : Professional Webpage



  • The contact information is well organized
    • Adding an email reply helps feedback without having them call you  



  • Include the title of the work projects and not just project 1, project 2, project 3
  • Too much white space in the Resume and Cover letter page
    • Add a few pictures to make it stand out
  • Add an "About Me" page
    • Let the readers know about you a bit more 



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