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Bez Project 1 Feedback

Page history last edited by fp5026@wayne.edu 9 years, 4 months ago

Cover Letter - Too short and very vague in the writing. There is little to no formatting. There were some skills included but not enough to go on. We reccomend that you go back and read page 46 for the three questions to answer. Not detailed enough to be an ethos or pathos styled letter, needs more details and work to be 



Resume - Formatting is scattered. Wiki is a bad formatting tool, use a different method. From initial look, there aren't the technical expertise, supporting abilities, and favorable personal qualities that employers look for in resumes. Lots of technical expertise and skills. No audience analysis found. Education section is lacking and vague. It would be better if you could list some school projects or work experience through school that you may have had or done over the past  years that would show your skills or experience in your field. Work experience is better than education, but still needs work. It has some experience, but could be changed around to show how this simple job could relate towards your future career, maybe showing working with electrical components or the like. It gives some experience that you've had but still can include more details. Use stronger verbs. I really like all the examples listed in the skills section, it leads towards a skill based resume very well, 

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