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Feedback for Al

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PHASE 1 - Cover Letter

  • Need one 

PHASE 2 - Resume 

  • Experience in a multitude of computer languages- Good Stuff
  • Doesn't show personal qualities anywhere- toss it in somewhere (education & related experience)
  • Music and boxing for supporting abilities in computer science.
    • Also has programming languages 
  • Doesn't show people skills, such as leader or works well by self, self driven, or team oriented.
  • Add redundancy such as, Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program.
  • We think the (under construction) is unnecessary, even it is true. Avoid filler.  
  • Like the B.S in Computer Science-relevant
  • Exploit that BA in psych 
  • Use verbs to make yourself look good- exaggerate subtlely

PHASE 3 -  Webpage 

  • Boringly basic webpage- but obviously needs work
  • Header should be made more prominent so people scroll past it
  • Add links to organizations
  • Don't like the gray text on white background- experiment with colors
  • Better resume than wiki's- has more organization and info
  • Website needs work- but looks fresh 
  • If the projects aren't yours- take them out 


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