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Resume Basics

Page history last edited by Owen Pierce 9 years, 2 months ago

     Chapter two of our English 3050 book is chalked full of relevant and beneficial information, and it is written in an understandable way.  I love the fact that this was a relatively easy read, infused with good examples to keep the reader interested.  There were three tips that stood out to me the most: “write concisely,” “be specific,” and “watch your verb tense.” (Anderson)  In my previous resume attempts, I had a tendency to be a little wordy when trying to explain the different pieces of the resume.  After reading this chapter, I learned how to be a little more crisp and concise with my explanations.  I also learned to be a little more specific.  I did an okay job in this area, but I found out that I need to be specific in all aspects of my resume.  While I am constructing my resume, it is important to remember that I need to be mindful of my verb tense.  If things are presently happening, then I need to use the present tense to properly convey that fact… and so on and so forth. 


     Another topic that was interesting was writing with a “reader-centered approach.” (Anderson)  Basically, this means that I am to write my resume in a way that shows my targeted audience what I can give them, rather than telling them what I want from them.  So, my resume is to be tailor made to the reader to show them that it is about them and not me the applicant.  In order to do this, one thing I need is a strong objective.  The objective statement is a personal statement that is at the front-line of the persuasion battle.  When constructing the objective statement it is important to, “identify the results sought by the department or unit in which you wish to work,” and “state that your objective is to help achieve those results.” (Anderson)


     For this resume, I have chosen to make my resume one page in length.  Also, I will be constructing an experiential emphasized resume.  I made the choice of one page because according to Anderson, the standard length for undergraduate students is one page, and I believe that I can hit all of my main points in one page.  The experiential resume is ideal for me in this situation because within this type of structure, I should include information about myself and experiences that are written in a way that reveal the fact that I possess the necessary qualifications for the position.


     I am a third year student and my major is in civil engineering.  I just started to get my feet wet in my major specific courses, and I have yet to obtain an internship relating to civil engineering.  So, since this is an important thing to do, I have decided to apply for an internship instead of a job.  I have found an internship that I am interested in, and it is with the Associated General Contractors of America’s (AGC) Michigan chapter.  In order to learn more about his internship, I will go to the website of the ACG Michigan.  There I can find out more information such as the responsibilities of the position, and what is required of the applicant.  


     The most recent college activity that will be the most beneficial to my resume, would have to be my community service with the Community of Scholars.  More specifically, during August of 2014, the Community of Scholars offered a service event that included being a part of the Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build.  At this event, volunteers came from across the country to help to build seven homes in seven days in the Morningside community in Detroit, MI.  During this event, I exhibited many of the qualifications that my internship employers would probably want such as: a dedicated learner, a helpful student, an eager enthusiastic student, a student that is a good listener and who follows directions, and a student that is willing to be actively involved.


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