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Wix review, brief tutorial and resources

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Wix is a do-it-yourself customizable and "free" template website that's for displaying your resume, projects, and other notable features about yourself. 




"Wix, which lets indiviuals and businesses build sites in HTML5 via an app market and drag-and-drop editor." -c|net


" It may sound like an air freshener or fabric softener, but Wix (free–$24.90 per month) is actually a powerful, easy-to-use website builder that can get your idea or business online with minimum effort and maximum customization. It also makes building a mobile site a snap. Best of all: It lets you build and launch a professional, well-designed website for nothing with web hosting included. The downside is that all the customization it allows means it will also let you build a poorly designed site, unlike its strict competitor, Squarespace. A good midground between this strictness and looseness is achieved by our Editors' Choice Weebly, which also offers free sites, great ease of use, and attractive designs." 

                                                                    - MICHAEL MUCHMORE



Wix is relatively easy to set up.

  • You only need a valid email address.
  • From there you select a category and view customizable templates that suit you.
  • You only have a multitude of free options. If you want an even larger selection, there is a fee.
  • Once you select your template, a video pops up and explains in detail what you should do.


Below is a video giving a quick tutorial explaining how to design your site. 




The only hidden cost is to go premium for some apps stated free. It allows you to add more applications to your website, along with giving you access to more templates. Given the wide range of customiability given to free accounts, it shouldn't provide much of a barrier for you.




They give over 180+ templates for you to choose from, all of which being free. There are plenty of options to find links to other templates, resumes, and more. For being a free website, it does an excellent job of keeping price from your page.




Example 1

Example 2

Example 3








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