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"WordPress.com, the free blogging platform and hosting service, rolled into my life at precisely the right time." - Jill Duffy, PC Mag

"If you want to eventually make money just by writing a personal or business blog, WordPress is the best place to start."- 
Mikayla Beyer , toptenreviews.com


Wordpress Features:




How to setup Wordpress.com?


Step 1: Name your Site

Step 2: Enter in Personal Information


Final Step: Select the type of plan you would like



Wordpress is a very user-friendly site, especially for people unfamiliar with coding. There are many templates available, it allows free hosting, and the UI is simple to understand. It also allows for integration with major social media sites, which a lot of users are probably interested in.


Navigation throughout the site is fairly easy, as the whole site has been designed around being user friendly, rather than giving a lot of options in the technical department. This makes for a website that is super accessible for most people who are interested in writing a blog, especially one that doesn’t require lots of HTML coding.


Costs range from free to relatively cheap for web hosting. If you’re running a business off of the website, it is a very cheap alternative and is secure enough to handle credit card transactions, should you design the page properly. With all options maxed out, wordpress costs $3250 a month. 


How to upload an image or file to your Wordpress:



Portfolio Plugin





3 Websites created using Wordpress


Sirius Radio CA




Sony Music



More sites can be found on the following link below:


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