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Jan 22

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A portfolio is a collection of your work and should be used to market yourself to a potential employer. It is a way for you to demonstrate your work in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, writing samples, professional blogs, videos, and pictures. A portfolio can be showcased online or through hard copy, though many industries now may request an online version of your portfolio.


Depending on what you want to do in your future career, some of the below portfolio websites may be more appropriate than others. Meet with an advisor or Career Consultant if you would like guidance on which may be most useful to use for your field.



Our (main) Choices for Creating our Professional Webpage and Career Portfolio:











The above links (except Google Sites) will take you to the University of Georgia's Career Center, which has a nice portal to student resume/portfolio examples, as well as some highlights of how to create them, and exploit their potential.  This is a useful starting point for...


Your work today:


Six teams should create a page with a review, brief tutorial, and list of resources for your classmates. Your team will therefore need to learn how to initial use your website, and assess its basic potential/value, before presenting a user-friendly wiki-resources to the class before the period ends:


  1. About-me review, brief tutorial and resources
  2. Weebly review, brief tutorial and resources
  3. Strikingly review, brief tutorial and resources 
  4. Behance or Google Sites review, brief tutorial and resources 
  5. Wordpress review, brief tutorial and resources
  6. Wix review, brief tutorial and resources
  7. Squarespace review... 


On the above page provide your classmates the following resources:

  1. A link to the main webpage (Weebly, Wix, Wordpress, etc.) and a two quotes from reviewers of this cite.
  2. List the "Highlights" of what you can do with this webpage (this can be quoted from the Georgia Website, but you might add a few other key highlights if you think it helps give us an initial overview)   
  3. Clearly list the main steps you took to set up an account 
  4. Note the ease or difficulty of use when you start designing a page (discuss how you change the design, how you upload an image and file...)
  5. Link to three examples that seem relevant to our class.
  6. Write a brief review of the website, and use some of the examples to support your review:
    1. Comment on visual design (is it appealing? how many templates are available? do they look professional?)
    2. Comment on site navigation (did they make links to resumes, projects, social media and outside sources easy to find and navigate?)
    3. Comment on Cost (are all aspects of the examples free? or are there upfront or hidden costs?) 
  7. If possible, link to an existing online tutorial, or embed a  video tutorial


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