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Mariela's Cover Letter

Page history last edited by Mariela Sanchez 9 years, 3 months ago

Mariela Sanchez

5945 Otis st.

Detroit, MI 48210

January 21, 2015


Human Resources

Molina Healthcare

Troy, MI


To Human Resources,


The health care system in the United States has always been something that catches my attention. A couple months ago, I had issues with a health insurance company because unfortunately it hired people who did not like to offer quality customer service to the clients. This aroused in me the necessity to go out into the world seeking a solution for this kind of issue. I was intrigued when I saw the posting for this internship at the Molina Healthcare and reading the objectives of this opportunity made me more interested and excited for applying. With a psychology major, I did not know I could do such work. How exciting! Now, that I see the opportunity to learn the policies of your health program and offer good customer service to those that need it, I would like to be considered for a position in your health program Intern-Professional Dev Level.


After encountering that experience with my previous health insurance, I desired to become an individual that assists others when in need in a polite manner. As an undergraduate, I would like to learn many skills that could obviously be applied at any workplace and that can be life-changing to others, as well as myself. I have taken classes that can help me understand other individuals. For instance, my psychology courses have allowed me to look at others' ways of thinking in order to understand why it is that they act in certain ways and how to assist them better. In an opposite subject, my communication courses have allowed me to communicate better with others and this should be of an interest to the company since it is the way that I will communicating with all the customers. You will find additional details about my skills and qualifications in the enclosed resume.


I feel that I am a responsible, accountable, and organized individual with a strong excitement and desire to become better at what I do and excel. I have taken my college courses while working part-time in order to provide for my expenses. After I gain the experience needed in order to excel in the career I dream of, I want to begin a graduate masters program in psychology and continue to develop and strengthen my skills in understanding the cognitive aspect of human life.


The resume and this letter only cover limited information of my qualifications. I am sure you understand that more is needed in order to really know the motivation and skills of the individual whom is applying for a position. Is it possible that you grant me an interview? If so, please call me at (313)467-6708 during the day. 




Mariela Sanchez




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