MK: Audience Analysis

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  1. Anderson says the three key things that employers look for are:
      1. Technical Expertise
      2. Supporting Abilities
      3. Favorable personal qualities 
    1. How will your C.V. provide these?
      1. I need to demonstrate my skills in Microsoft Office.  So I will talk about my A in my last computer class dealing exclusively with Microsoft Office.  
      2. Talking about my managerial positions will show that I have leadership abilities, time management, micromanagement (detail-oriented), and strong communication skills.
      3. Drawing on experiences from being a musician and working with producers to create a certain project with many different opinions and all coming to a consensus on what we think is best.  Also, as a manager, responding favorably with customers and employees alike is critical to create a solid work environment where everyone feels needed and cared about.
  2. What are the three ways employers view resumes'?
      1. Initial screening
      2. Detailed examination of the most promising applications.
      3. Preparation for in-depth interviewing 
    1. To accommodate these steps of the application process I will:
      1. Need to be error free to pass computer tests and be sure to include buzz words to generate hits on my resume' if it is a scanned or digitized resume'.
      2. Make sure my name is at the top with current contact information.  Survey what they are looking for and make sure those qualifications stand out in my resume' in a concise manner.
      3. Make sure I completed my resume' ethically so during an interview I may live up to what my resume' expresses.  
    2. Is one page enough?
      1. For my qualifications, yes.  I do not have enough practical experience that is warranted for this co-op position.
  3. How will I find out about my readers and what they want?
    1. My first thought would be to research the organization online.  Read their about me,  what we do, etc.  I may probe a few professors I know who worked in the automotive field at Ford and if they ever had any experience dealing with them or an outside opinion on their operation.  I also have a friend who has achieved the degree I am working for so I will ask him what he did to get a co-op position.  I live relatively close I may also go to their building and get a publication. 


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