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Michael's Audience Analysis

Page history last edited by Michael Holcomb 9 years, 5 months ago
  1. Begin by identifying the specific task your readers will perform using your communication
    1. What does Anderson say are the three key things Employers look for?  (p.25) How will your C.V. provide these?
      1. Technical expertise, supporting abilities, and favorable personal qualities. My C.V will have my experience, education, as well as technical skills which will showcase these three things.  
    2. What are the Three Ways Employers Read Resumes?  How can your resume accommodate these?  Is a one page resume enough? (p. 26)
      1. Initial screening, detailed examination of the most promising applications, and preparation for in-depth interviewing. My resume will be in sections which will highlight the main points of my resume. It will also be one page long to help make it easier to read and access. Making it easy to read will present a higher chance of my resume being examined for a possible interview.
  2. Identify the readers' attitudes that are relevant to the communication
    1. How will you learn who your readers are and what they want?  Follow Anderson's "Guideline 1" by finding out as much as you can about who is likely to read your resume, about what their objectives are, and about what they want from an employee.  Use this Guideline to list several names of potential readers, what you can determine about their objectives as individuals within an organization, and what they will want from you.
      1. Employers ask questions like why do you want to work for me instead of someone else, How will you contribute to my organization's success, and Will you work well with my other employees and the persons with whom we do business? So it is best to answer these questions. The reader of the resume I write for the job-posting I found will possibly be a physical therapist or someone who has a similar job with the organization. They will want someone who will actively come to work. They are also looking for an employee with at least some experience in the field. 

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