Mariela's Short Audience Analysis 2

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  1. How will you learn who your readers are and what they want?  Follow Anderson's "Guideline 1" by finding out as much as you can about who is likely to read your resume, about what their objectives are, and about what they want from an employee.  Use this Guideline to list several names of potential readers, what you can determine about their objectives as individuals within an organization, and what they will want from you. In order to learn who my readers are and what they want I would have to look into the internship posting more in depth. The person who is more likely to read my resume would be a Manager in the Molina Healthcare Program, whose names are not available. The objectives that they have are to provide students and alumni with experiential learning, formal training, and opportunities to interact with professional in the health business field. With this internship students will learn and practice more on the aspect of providing health programs. From the employee, they want someone who can work as a team, adhere to the company's policies, have outstanding written and verbal communication skills, and be able to acquire health care business knowledge.

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