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A Real Neato Job Page

Page history last edited by Franklin Bez 8 years, 10 months ago


     I found Anderson's writing to be very informative and useful. It helped me identify more skills I had that the reader would find appealing in the job place. The reading also helped me realize some of my strengths with my short, concise writing style, realizing that it is more of a strength in the workplace, while being a weakness in the school setting. As of right now, I don't have a really appealing resume, unfortunately, however, it also helped me realize that I need to go out and do more things that employers would find interesting, useful, or handy.


     I would like to apply for the job linked here mostly just for experience and to get my foot in the door to climb up the ranks. I also wouldn't mind applying for this job here. Both of these jobs aren't my dream job, nor would they be my favorite place to stay at as a career. They would simply be for me to get a solid base so that I can grow. The first job will have me be in charge of implementing, managing, designing, and supporting in-house PCs and server hardware. So, it'll basically just be making be an IT guy making sure that the server doesn't get hacked into, DDoS'd, or crash. The company that is offering the job is Tri Counties Bank. The second job will have me working for a core affiliate of Hyundai/Kia Motor Group. They will have me working on vehicle electrical systems, CAN communications and architecture. This meaning managing people, organizing system controls, knowledge of software development processes, etc. 


--     For a more reasonable goal for me in the near future, I would love to get an internship here. It's a Firmware internship for Tesla Motors. They require a lot of skills that I will aquire by the time I graduate, such as proficiency in C++, debugging, code optimization, etc. It would be a job in California, and I've heard nothing but incredible things with working for Tesla. They're the Google of car companies. Because of this, I believe they're going to be looking more on the technical expertise, and supporting abilities, such as, you're aware of what a car is and that it goes "vroom". However, they also want you be self-motivated, team oriented, and have professional and positive communication skills.


--     I learned about who my readers and and what they want by going to their website and looking at their job listing/requirements. It shows what they want down to your personality. It basically gives you an outline of how your resume should be, and what they expect from you. 


     My resume is really short, mostly because it's skill-based. I don't have the most amount of skills you can have as a person at the moment, and, because of that, my resume is a little dry.

Also, my experience is that of a senior employee at a hardware store. Something that isn't vital for an electrical engineer's experience.


     I've been a part of an engineering group that's designed and coded a Lego robot to do many different tasks, including navigating a maze, following a GPS-esque styled system, and removing waste from a specified area. I'm also currently in a coding class as well as some basic GE classes that are essential to my job search. 





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