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AmerShahit SWA2

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     Reading this chapter made me look at writing my resume in different ways will help me land a job more easily than before, and that I should always picture myself in the reader’s seat.   Writing the best resume requires a lot of research about the job applied for.  Experiential resume was really interesting and made me revise my own, and the main reason I did that is because it’s the most commonly used by students who look for internships which I’m constantly doing.  The most important tip that I found helpful to me was that I need to always change my resume if the job is somehow different than the other job that I applied for.  Another tip that I read was stating my objectives so that I can help the employer achieve the goals he hired me to do so instead of telling them what I will achieve if they hired me.   


     Searching for a job wasn't easy, but I have found a potential job in DTE Energy where they have a student program that I’m interested in as a chemical engineer.  This program at DTE Energy is a full time job and they give this program three times a year winter, summer, and fall.  Their requirements are the students must have a grade point average (minimum 2.7).  They are looking for students who are perusing degrees in a wide variety of areas.  

AmerShahit resume.docx


     I have revised my resume and its only one page which makes it easier to read and it’s more preferred that way by employers everywhere.  I chose the experiential resume to write because I haven’t had much work in the chemical engineering field, but I have experience from my old jobs that might help me get the job.  As a student who is currently in school and looking for internships, it is preferred to write the experiential resume unless you had worked full time in the field of your study and took classes, then you should better write the skills resume instead. 


     This semester I am taking four classes and they are all essential for my degree.  The most important class of them all is the chemical engineering class, it’s a four credit class and the book we are studying from is called Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes.  Second important class is a basic engineering class called Statistic.  


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